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  • A magazine about fashion, cosmetics or healthy life style
  • A community about eating healthy and stay healthy
  • A website that promotes books and information about beauty

Just think a tag line like this "Happy, Healthy  and Beauty.  BeautyBook - community advices about health & beauty!". Isn't it a great way to say welcome to your amazing users? I think it is..

Domain name it's formed by 2 english dictionary, day to day common words "Beauty" and "Book".

Cosmetic & Beauty Products Manufactured in the US: Market Research Report

Industry Statistics & Market Size: $56bn

Annual Growth 10-15 (years): 5.6% (as seen on

Why Beauty? Why is this a great opportunity?

We are a living in a society where physical beauty is a quality that opens us a lot of doors. Blessed be the ones with natural beauty, many opportunities are available for them.

The domain name is great to build a community around health and beauty; we all need to be happy when we look and see the person in the mirror.

For all the people who enjoy their natural beauty, you can offer them pieces of advice about how to keep and maintain it. For the other ones, you can offer them pieces of advice about how to improve their physical appearance, how to become more confident and enjoy their lives.

Let your users upload their photos and ask for advices from community, so they easily get engaged with your service.

Another idea is to create a platform where you facilitate beauty consultants (makeup artists, hair stylist, fitness stars) to be hired by proffesional individuals to help them in their need. Your earnings as platform owner will come as a comission for the payments transactioned or under a form of subscription for professional advisors.

The ideas above are just few details that makes it a great opportunity for profits, i will let you reveal your reativity to other great ideas that can take life on

Revenue Model

A store selling cosmetics and other beauty products in such a huge demanding market of 56 billion dollars may be the best way to your first earned dollars. Also, you may offer your users the affiliate links to beauty products such Amazon affiliates.

SEO benefits

"" also have many benefits in the search engine results. It's valuable keywords 'beauty" and "book" help your way to the top targeted searches and customers. Google put a lot of value into the domain keywords for their priority in result position, along the other ranking variables they use in the algorithm.

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